Why does my cat sleep on me?

Posted by Mar 2, 2016 | Behavior

why does my cat sleep on me

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You’ve just brushed your teeth and got into your PJ’s, and you are ready to sleep. Just as you close your eyes, your four-legged cat friend sneaks into bed and even though she has so much room, she decides that the perfect place to sleep is on top of your chest or head.

This happens to me all the time. My sweet kitty usually wants to lay on top of me and keep her face close to mine and sleep, I’m sure this has happened to you too and here are some of the reasons why your lovely kitty does the same:

Reasons – Why does my cat sleep on me

Heat and warmth

Cats love to rest in warm places. After all, most likely your body temperature is the best heat source, so your beloved cat just wants to be close to you to feel that. She will select the perfect spot to get some warmth, look you in the eye and lay down on your chest.


While you were at work or school, your furry little cat probably had a good meal and was sleeping all afternoon, and now that she is fresh and ready to play, she might lay on top of you and meow seeking your attention and hoping to play.

Sense of security

Even though cats can see really well in low light, they have to feel safe and secure to get a nice deep sleep. They assume that the safest spot would be next to that person who feed her, play with her and take care of her – and it is obviously you.


Imagine while you were away from home, how much your cat has missed you and once you settle down at home she just wants to show some love and, of course, wants to get some attention, care and love from you. Show her some affection, stroke her neck and scratch her head. In return, she might rub her face against yours before finally settling down.


Your cat probably has been sleeping all day, in almost every comfortable spot in your room or house and there’s just one last place lefton top of you!


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