What To Feed Kittens?

(Everything You Need To Know)

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When my cat (Furball) gave birth to two adorable kittens, my first thought was to learn everything about kitten care, for example: when can I hold the kittens in my arms, what are the first steps I have to be aware of and what would I feed them?

Since kittens usually complete weaning by the eighth to ninth week, I knew I had enough time to learn about kittens’ nutrition. As I started searching for the proper information, more and more questions popped up in my mind that I knew I should not miss out: what, when and where to feed, what type of bowl to use and how much food to give to my new lovely pussycats. After spending hours and hours at the computer searching for answers, I found out the following things:

What to feed kittens?

Considering the kittens’ sensitive digestive system and urinary tract, it is very important to have information on what type of food we give to our kittens. Many people are not aware that the food they offer to their pets may be harmful. It is also imperative to know that usually after the fourth week, weaning kittens will try chewing on soft food and will continue to experiment different foods until their eighth or ninth week. By this time the nutrition in their mother’s milk will not be enough for their further development so feeding them with proper food will be a must. But what exactly shall we put in that cat bowl?

Types of food for kittens

1.    First of all, we should have the knowledge that cats are obligate carnivores. Therefore, they must eat meat to survive with hardly any vegetation, be it wet or dry food.

2.    The next important thing to realize is their sense of smell. If something smells good for a cat, she will eat it (even though this smell can be unpleasant for humans), otherwise she will not.

3.    Last but not least, make sure to know about the ingredients of their meal.

Let’s go through these things step by step.

Cat smelling flower

1.    There are two types of food available, wet and dry, and some of them are specifically made for dealing with dietary needs of kittens. These small cuties need proper meals including high protein and fat ingredients for their healthy growth and development.

Bear in mind that in the natural world cats tend to catch prey which are soft and moist rather than dry. Thus, kittens need wet food containing high-calorie meat and the best ones for this are the ones that come from muscle meat and organs. There are plenty of canned wet foods available, so make sure you choose the appropriate one. To help you decide, I recommend the following:

Fancy Feast

Fancy Feast cat wet food

Purina Pro Plan

Purina Pro Plan cat wet food