How to trim Cat Nails? – In 7 simple STEPS

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Trimming cat nails

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While most people tend to think that clipping cats’ claws is not necessary, the truth is, trimming cats’ nails should actually be the part of their regular grooming routine.

Keeping a cat’s paws and claws properly groomed is essential in many ways. It is not only beneficial to the owner but the cat as well. While it can save your furniture (and you), it can also keep your cat at an optimal state of health.

Knowing this, many cat owners are still hesitant about trimming their cats’ nails as it seems to be a challenging and stressful task. However, with few helpful tricks and tips, a little practice and a lot of patience, this process can become quick, easy, painless and fairly enjoyable for both cat and owner.

So how to trim cat nails?

This article is here to help you learn everything you need to know about cat nail trimming, including how to train your cat to accept her claw trimming, how to trim your cat’s nails, as well as how often should they be trimmed. You can also get to know the benefits and the reasons behind along with other useful details and information.

How to trim cat nails in 7 simple steps – The procedure in short

If you are wondering how to trim your cat’s claws, here is how to do it right in 7 simple steps:

  1. Prepare the things
  2. Position your cat
  3. Expose the nail
  4. Find the quick
  5. Trim with ease
  6. Repeat from 3 to 5
  7. Release and reward

While the above process seems to be fairly easy, trimming a cat’s nails can be quite challenging and difficult if it is not well-prepared in advance. Read on to get to know the essential things required for the process, how to prepare yourself and your cat for the procedure and how to get it done properly.

Things you need for trimming cat nails

Learning how to trim a cat’s nails starts with a very important task: getting the right equipment. If you want to make sure to trim your cat’s claws in the proper way without harming your cat, having the right tools is absolutely essential.

So what supplies you need to trim your cat’s nails at home? First of all, you need a high-quality cat nail clipper and styptic powder, and you can also go for some treats and a bath towel. Let’s take a closer look of each of these items.

Cat nail clippers

Trimming a cat’s nails can be challenging as it can easily cause discomfort (splitting or breaking the claws), bleeding and even pain for your cat if it is not done correctly with the right tools.

Since cats’ claws are very different than ours, it is better not to use human nail clippers on them. Baby nail scissors are not designed to clip cats’ curved nails either, and dog nail clippers are also not suitable for cats as they are too large which could cause injury on the cats’ small paws.

While using the wrong tool can cause unpleasantness for your cat, it can also add to your difficulties when clipping her claws.

Cats’ claws are tapered, sharp and pointy so get a good pair of nail clippers designed especially for this type of claws.

To trim your cat’s nails you will definitely need a quality pair of cat nail clippers that can help you do your job easier, quicker, more efficient, and trouble-free while keeping your cat’s claws neat and healthy.

While there are four main different types of cat nail clippers (scissor, guillotine, plier and electric types) and each comes in a huge variety of different styles, cats’ claws can best be cut by using the plier type cat nail clippers.

The very best pair is the Safari Professional Nail Trimm