Do cats have a sense of Time?

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  • Till date there is no sufficient research about this topic but there are definite signs that cats have their own sense of time.
  • They have guesses, clues, and cues to measure time, however it is not exact.
  • They understand established schedules and routines.
  • Cats are good at time intervals and do notice when their owners are away for longer periods.

Most of us, cat owners, have experienced that our cats know when we normally wake up, provide breakfast and dinner, clean the litter box, when is bedtime, and when is playtime.

Does this mean they can tell time? Do cats have a sense of time? It certainly seems that way. Read on to find out the answer along with some interesting facts about cats and time.

The answer to an exciting question: Do cats have a sense of time?

Most cat owners would argue that cats do, indeed, have a sense of time. However, this question is more complicated than you think and very difficult to answer.

Even though scientists are getting closer to taking a stand on this matter, till date no sufficient research has been conducted to prove it. But! There are definite signs that cats do have a sense of time. Otherwise, why would they be waking us up and bothering us to feed them each day at the same time, or behave quite cold after we have been on a vacation?

So, the answer is most probably yes, cats do understand time. While they do not look at clocks (nor do they wear watches), they do have their internal clocks and their own concept of time. And, that is definitely a different perception of time.


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A cat’s sense of time

People tend to think that time is the same for everyone. However, studies have shown that it has different speeds for different species and can even vary within species.

Smaller animals perceive more information in a unit of time, therefore they seem to live their lives in a relative slow motion, while for larger animals, time passes relatively quickly. Also, time perception seems to change subtly with age – possibly this is the reason why time seems to pass slower for children than it does for adults.

With this end in view, one may wonder how do cats sense time? Here are some interesting points.

Cats are not good at exact measurements but they do have guesses, clues, and cues.

Cats certainly have some sort of understanding about time. However, they are not good at exac