Can cats get High?

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do cats get high

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People can get high on several things. The most common one is marijuana. Getting a cat high may seem a cool thing also but do you know the consequences?

While you may be wondering can cats get high on marijuana or even grass, it is important to know that cat’s and human’s bodies react very vary to different things. Let’s go through them one by one:

Cats and Marijuana – Can cats get high from weed?

Cats can’t get high on marijuana. While people claim that their cats get high on marijuana, it is in the best interest of your cat to avoid forcing them to inhale the smoke.

Holding a cat down and blowing the smoke into her eyes, nose and ears is a very inhumane thing to do, and I strongly recommend you never do that, even for laughs and giggles.

Can cats get stoned?

Cats cannot get stoned or high from marijuana and you should never force a pet to remain in a closed room full of smoke either as the effects of marijuana on cats are very dangerous; the smell can be very toxic to them due to their strong sense of smell.

You will find people saying their cat loves sitting next to them when they smoke up, and hence they conclude that their cat loves the smell of marijuana. However, this is not true.

Some cats have damaged smell and taste receptors due to old age or accidents, therefore, the smell may not be that strong to them. Though the THC (the chemical in marijuana that gets people high) will still affect their body and can make them feel uncomfortable or drowsy.

Please do not put your pet cat through such a situation as it can lead to poisoning or even death.

Another myth is when people notice that their cats’ pupils are dilated, and they are just laying down and panting after inhaling smoke and conclude that they are experiencing a pleasurable high. However, it could also mean that your cat is suffering and is in a lot of pain.

If your pet cat has ingested something laced with marijuana or exposed to marijuana smoke, please contact your local vet immediately.


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So how to get a cat high? – Use Catnip

Although alcohol and marijuana do not get a cat high (and even cause several health issues), some cats enjoy chewing on catnip which makes them high.

What is catnip?

Catnip is extracted from the Nepeta Cataria plant. Even long before, humans and cats shared a bond, cats used to get high with the help of this plant.

Do cats stay high forever?

No, cats do not stay high forever, the effect of catnip wears off within thirty minutes and causes no harm to the cat.

During this “high” time its effects include drooling, rolling around, soft purring and jumping around with no apparent reason. Although this behavior looks amazingly hilarious, getting cats high has no health benefit.

If you still would like to experience this funny situation, many catnip-laced toys are available for your cat to enjoy. You can use any of the following products for your cat:


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Can cats get drunk on Alcohol?

Cats and alcohol don’t go well together. Although the side effects are similar to a drunk human, alcohol based beverages and products can poison your cat leading them to walk around aimlessly, dazed and disoriented.

Please avoid giving any type of alcohol to your cat, regardless of the quantity. Their small bodies will go through an unpleasant experience and may cause liver and kidney damage in the long run.

If your cat has consumed some alcohol products, call your vet immediately.

Important note: When you hear the word alcohol you may be thinking of drinks like beer or vine but please note that it also includes perfumes, mouthwash, cleaning products and even certain cough syrups.

Final thoughts of Can cats get high

Cats instinctively avoid things that smell bad to them, and this evolutionary trait helps them to survive. So please avoid exposing them to marijuana as cats do not get stoned.

Marijuana, tobacco, and alcohol generally smell bad to cats and will not make them high(and may even cause harm).

Therefore these things should not be used. If you feel like getting your cat high, the best thing to use is catnip.