Can cats eat Olive Oil?

Posted by | Apr 19, 2016 | Nutrition

cats and olive oil

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As responsible cat owners, we want our furry little friend to be healthy and happy. Keeping the little one safe is our biggest responsibility which includes having knowledge of what is good for them and what can be harmful.

Since the feline’s digestive system is quite sensitive, this adds to the importance of the knowledge on her diet. Before you give any new type of food to your kitty – be it olive oil – make sure you will not harm her with it. Do know if it is good or bad, and make sure not to give more than the recommended amount.

Can cats eat Olive Oil? – Only in moderation

Let’s get straight to the point; yes, cats can eat olive oil, however, it should be given only in moderation. Although olive oil is not going to hurt a cat and also has some benefits, too much of it can cause some health problems. Do watch out for the amount you are giving. Personally, I would go for extra-virgin olive oil, and the portion would not be more than a tablespoon a day mixed in my beloved friend’s regular food.

About olive oil and its benefits

Olive oil is produced by the extraction of the olive fruit and can be classified according to their extraction process and acidity level. The different grades are Extra Virgin, Virgin, Ordinary Virgin, Lampante Virgin, Refined and Crude Olive Oil.

Among these, I would go for extra-virgin olive oil as I mentioned before since it has higher quality and lower acidity (less than 1%) without any chemical treatment. It is made from the first pressing of the whole olives, therefore, it is the finest and freshest among the other oils.

Olive oils are most commonly used in cooking, cosmetics and soaps, but did you know it can be beneficial for cats also? Let’s see the reasons why:

Even though cats are carnivores, so they eat mostly meat, fatty acids like olive oil also play a big role in their growth and aging. It has a high energy value which aids in their overall development.

When it comes to lifespans, our lovely pets of today outlive their ancestors, and a large part of this can be attributed to a well-balanced diet which includes olive oil. It also contains vitamins such as A and E and includes antioxidants which strengthen the immune system, prevent aging, supports muscle function and help them extend their lives.

To shed a little more light on this topic, we will discuss uses of the olive oil:


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