Can cats be Gay?

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Cats do need baths

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Sometimes, cats play and sleep together, and groom each other with a marvelous tenderness which shows that they seem to sincerely enjoy each others company even though they are from the same gender.

Some owners with multiple cats in their household even come across a situation when they find their cat mounting another cat of the same sex. This leads to a peak in their curiosity, and they ask themselves: Can cats be gay?

The answer to an interesting question: Can cats be Gay?

While you might be expecting a straightforward answer to the question: Can cats be gay, it is more complicated than you think and very difficult to answer. Maybe.

Till date, no sufficient research has been conducted to prove that cats can or cannot be gay. However, they can display behaviors that we interpret as being gay or homosexual.

Important note

Before we dive into the various reasons why people think cats can be or cannot be gay, let’s make things very clear.

You and I define things and understand things within the scope of our vocabulary, and we may be quick to label something that fits with our beliefs.

This article aims to present the information in an unbiased manner and is not meant to offend people.

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Although homosexual behavior seems to be common in the animal world