Best Rope for cat scratching post

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Best rope for cat scratching post

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One sure thing that cats love to do often is sharpen their claws, which so many people consider as a behavior problem. However, scratching is a natural activity and normal feline behavior.

Like other feline predators, cats also have a natural instinct to hunt, and they spend time sharpening their claws by scratching on various surfaces.

Having a place in your home, just for your kitty to feel comfortable is a sign of a great cat owner. But what is the best rope for a cat scratching post? Let’s find out.

Why do cats scratch?

Sometimes this scratching behavior can be annoying, especially if your cat does it at the wrong place like your carpet or sofa. Dealing with this habit is easier if you understand why cats scratch in the first place:

  • Cats mark their territory by scratching to make their area familiar and comfortable.
  • After their long sleep cats need to exercise and stretch their muscles.
  • To get rid of the dead outer layer of their nails, cats need to scratch on objects regularly.
  • Scratching has another health benefit; it reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Last but not the least, cats scratch simply because they love doing it.

After understanding the reasons why your cat scratches, it is time to provide her the proper surface so that you can save your furniture from different scratch marks and at the same time your little friend can happily scratch whenever she pleases.

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What is the best rope for cat scratching post?

There are different types of materials that can be used as a  scratching surface.

In order to save your belongings, it is best to choose that material which cannot be found elsewhere in your house. In this case, your cat will be able to recognize the places easily where she is allowed to scratch and where she is not.

The best rope for cat scratching post which I would recommend you to get is sisal rope.

It is an excellent material, by far the most widely used rope for a scratching post and it is very affordable.