Best Rope for cat scratching post

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Best rope for cat scratching post

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One sure thing that cats love to do often is sharpen their claws, which so many people consider as a behavior problem. However, scratching is a natural activity and normal feline behavior.

Like other feline predators, cats also have a natural instinct to hunt, and they spend time sharpening their claws by scratching on various surfaces.

Having a place in your home, just for your kitty to feel comfortable is a sign of a great cat owner. But what is the best rope for a cat scratching post? Let’s find out.

Why do cats scratch?

Sometimes this scratching behavior can be annoying, especially if your cat does it at the wrong place like your carpet or sofa. Dealing with this habit is easier if you understand why cats scratch in the first place:

  • Cats mark their territory by scratching to make their area familiar and comfortable.
  • After their long sleep cats need to exercise and stretch their muscles.
  • To get rid of the dead outer layer of their nails, cats need to scratch on objects regularly.
  • Scratching has another health benefit; it reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Last but not the least, cats scratch simply because they love doing it.

After understanding the reasons why your cat scratches, it is time to provide her the proper surface so that you can save your furniture from different scratch marks and at the same time your little friend can happily scratch whenever she pleases.

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What is the best rope for cat scratching post?

There are different types of materials that can be used as a  scratching surface.

In order to save your belongings, it is best to choose that material which cannot be found elsewhere in your house. In this case, your cat will be able to recognize the places easily where she is allowed to scratch and where she is not.

The best rope for cat scratching post which I would recommend you to get is sisal rope.

It is an excellent material, by far the most widely used rope for a scratching post and it is very affordable.

  • Easy to use
  • Widely used
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Best rope

Best rope: Sisal rope

sisal rope

What is Sisal Rope?

Sisal is an extremely strong natural fiber, made from the Agave plant. It is cultivated and produced in many parts of the world.

The material is well known for its durability and strength, and is used in making many other products including paper, hats, carpets, and rugs.

This type of material is sold in different colors from beige to cream and can be found in several sizes with various thickness (usually 6, 8 and 10 mm). The thicker the sisal is, the longer it will last.

Even though most people are familiar with sisal material as rope, it is also available in fabric. The fabric is rough as rope, but it is not as durable therefore replacement of fabric has to be more frequent than rope.

Why is it the best?

Sisal rope scratching posts are generally considered as the best ones for cats.

One of the biggest advantages of sisal rope is that it resists shredding very well, because of which it is exceptionally durable and can last for years.

Even if the time comes to renew it, sisal rope can be easily rewrapped any time.

When you hold a sisal rope, you will feel its roughness and realize that it is similar to thin wood or tree bark so the cat will be drawn towards it and will be away from other potential scratching surfaces just like a sofa.

Cats love sisal rope for this feeling, its consistency, and the sound it makes when they scratch it.


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 Alternatives to sisal rope?

Sisal rope is not the only kind of cat scratching material. You can also offer your cat carpet, corrugated cardboard scratcher, or even some wood. Each of these materials has its advantages and disadvantages:



  • available in many colors and styles
  • can be attached to different surfaces


  • does not last long
  • can catch the cat’s claws

Corrugated cardboard


  • cheapest type of scratching material
  • easily refillable


  • shortest lifespan
  • shreds easily



  • very durable
  • resembles the cat’s natural environment


  • splinters can harm the cat’s paws
  • can retain moisture and facilitate the growth of bacteria

If you want to stick to rope, an alternative rope that can be used for the same purpose is the hemp rope, though it has no significant advantage compared to sisal.

Although each cat is different from another and has preferences, overall most of the cats prefer sisal rope to any other materials and on top of this, sisal rope has a lot of advantages. Therefore, I suggest you stick to it.

How to replace sisal rope on a cat tree?

When a scratching post becomes worn out, it either needs to be fixed or thrown away. Repairing it seems to be a more economical way, and it only takes around 30 minutes to an hour so why not do it by yourself.

Things you may need:

  1. New sisal rope
  2. Wood glue
  3. Scissors
  4. Sand Paper (Optional)
  5. Existing sisal covered scratching post

Now that you have all the necessary tools and materials, let’s start the procedure!

Step by Step procedure:

Step 1:

Start by removing the old, worn out sisal rope by pulling on it and cutting it off. Most cats tend to wear out only the top portion of the post, in this case, you don’t need to remove the entire rope. Just remove the damaged end.

Step 2:

Brush off the dust and remove the old glue using the sand paper, only if there is excess dry glue.

Step 3:

Once your wooden base is ready to be rewrapped, place the post on your lap horizontally and practice wrapping the rope around the post tightly a couple of times while trying to avoid any gaps.

Step 4:

If you are ready, finally, apply some wood glue on the surface and wrap the post slowly and carefully while keeping tension on the rope. Press down each row of the rope to tighten it properly. In case you are covering a very tall post, don’t apply glue to the entire post. Wrap it in sections.

Step 5:

Allow each section to dry for a few minutes before continuing further up.

Step 6:

Once you reached the top, secure the rope firmly using glue and cut off the excess. You can also cover the top loose end with some tape. (Optional)

Step 7:

Keep the newly rewrapped scratching post in the sun for an hour to let it air out and dry; this will remove any odor from the glue and rope.

Now, that the scratching post is ready, it is time to let your lovely pussycat use it as she needs.

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Bottom line

When the time comes to renew your worn out scratching post, please consider rewrapping it instead of throwing it away.

Why? Because it is a quite cheap procedure and takes only half or maximum one hour.

The best rope that you can use for replacing an old rope to a new one is the sisal rope as it is very durable, easy to rewrap and last but not least, it will be the best choice for your cat.