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  • Cats do require regular tooth brushing. Without it, they can suffer from tooth decay, gum disease or even more serious issues.
  • Cat toothbrushes are specifically designed for cats with smaller heads and finer bristles. There are two main types: bristle and finger brush.
  • The best toothbrush available is the C.E.T toothbrush for cats.
  • You can use other alternatives but brushing is the most effective. Try to brush your cat’s teeth every day, or at least 3-4 times a week.

When it comes to keeping a cat’s overall health in good condition, it is important to understand that cats require regular dental care. And, the best way to maintain a cat’s dental health is frequent tooth brushing.

While definitely there is a proper technique, the only way to get this job done is using the right tools. Trying to clean your cat’s teeth with an inappropriate toothbrush is not only nearly impossible but also can hurt your cat.

For the best results, you will need the best cat toothbrush that will make brushing easier, safer and more effective. But which one is the best and how to choose?

This article is an ultimate guide with recommendations, reviews, and important information about cat toothbrush to help you choose the best one for your precious cat.

What is the best cat toothbrush in 2017? – Recommendations

To maintain our cats’ overall well-being, we certainly have to make sure that their oral health is in good condition. And, the best way to achieve this is to use the best products – the best cat toothbrush – that will cause minimum discomfort, no harm, and maximum benefit.

However, finding the right one that will work best for you and your cat is definitely not easy as there are numerous types, sizes, textures, and features.

My recommendations

Personally, based on my experience and after doing a lot of research, the C.E.T. toothbrush for cats proved itself to be the best one among the various other choices.

Nevertheless, one type/style does not fit all when it comes to cat toothbrush. Every cat’s needs are different, so I have also listed the 5 best ones available in the market.

CET Toothbrush for Cats

Magic Coat Cat Tearless Shampoo

WooBamboo! Eco-Toothbrush

Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo