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The article in 30 seconds:

  • Cats cannot take care of their own teeth so they can experience painful dental problems over time.
  • Cat dental care products can help you provide good dental hygiene for your cat.
  • Use toothbrush and toothpaste (or their alternatives: finger brush, dental wipes and gels), feed your cat special diet or food supplement,use liquid products (like oral rinse, spray or water additive) or entertain your cat with fun dental products such as dental treats, chews or toys.
  • For best results, combine these options with frequent tooth brushing, regular mouth examination and annual vet checkup.

Top 14 dental products for cats – How to keep your cat’s teeth clean and healthy with or without brushing her teeth?

Maintaining your cat’s teeth in a good condition plays a big role in her overall health as poor dental hygiene will not only damage her teeth leading to different oral issues but can also affect other organs of her body.

If you want to prevent your cat from having to undergo uncomfortable, sometimes even painful conditions, you must ensure that she does not have any dental problems.

While tooth brushing is the best way for you to stay on top of your cat’s oral health, sometimes it is just impossible to do so as most cats do not really like to get along with brushing.

Fortunately, besides toothbrush and toothpaste, there are a great number of ways – ranging from special dental treats, diets, and toys to gels, wipes, and water additives, etc. – that can help you provide good dental care that your cat deserves.

So, do not worry. In this article, you can learn how to keep your cat’s teeth clean and healthy by using these different cat dental care products.

The answer – The 14 best dental care products for cats in 2017

If you have ever wondered what products to use that will help you keep your cat’s teeth and gums healthy, here is a complete list of the best cat dental care products that can be perfect for maintaining your cat’s dental hygiene.

  1. Toothbrush: C.E.T toothbrush for Cats
  2. Toothpaste: Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic Toothpaste
  3. Tooth brushing kit: SENTRY Petrodex Dental Kit for Cats
  4. Special finger brush: Petosan Microfiber Finger brush Oral Cleaner
  5. Dental wipe: Top Performance Cleansing Pads for Pets
  6. Dental gel: Naturel Promise Fresh Dental Clean Gel for Dogs and Cats
  7. Special dental diet: Hill’s Science Diet Adult Oral Care
  8. Food supplement: ProDen Plaque Off Dental Powder for Cats
  9. Oral rinse: Dentahex Oral Rinse by Vet Solutions
  10. Mouth spray: Mad About Organics All Natural Dog & Cat Oral Care Herbal Spray Dental Plaque Remover
  11. Water additive: SynergyLabs Dental Fresh
  12. Dental treat: Feline Greenies Dental Cat Treats
  13. Dental chew: Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews for Cats
  14. Dental cat toy: Petstages Dental Health Cat Chew Toys

By clicking on any of the above products, you can read detailed reviews.

Why do you need dental care products for your cat?

While people tend to think that cats do not need dental care, it is actually one of the most important things for maintaining their overall health. They indeed need dental care products because of the following reasons:

  • Cats do not really have the ability to take care of their own teeth even though they have a pretty good personal hygiene.
  • Since domestic cats do not use their teeth as intensively as cats in the wild, they do not get the benefit of catching and tearing up prey which would all act as polisher of the surface of their teeth.
  • Cats get only one set of adult teeth which they use for a number of reasons from eating and grooming to playing and defending themselves. This set of teeth is very precious in their life as it will not grow back once it is fallen out.
  • Cats’ teeth are not so different from ours and can be just as problematic. Just like us, cats’ teeth can also accumulate bacteria, plaque, and tartar, so they can experience dental problems (such as tooth decay, tooth loss, abscess, or gum disease) and develop bad breath which are all common for cats of all ages and breeds.
  • These conditions are not only painful but can also cause loss of appetite and discomfort while playing leading to deterioration of the cat’s quality of life.
  • Even worse, as the infection present in their mouth gets into the bloodstream, it can spread to vital organs leading to life-threatening situations.

All in all, if you do not maintain your cat’s dental hygiene, it will result in a huge number of problems. So, learn about the precautions and know the products you can use to take care of your cat’s teeth.


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What are the best products for cat dental care?

Since your cat’s dental health and overall well-being should be your priority, you should be aware of the different cat dental care products that can help you provide good dental hygiene for your cat.

As you start searching for good quality products, you will realize there are a lot of choices available on the market. To save you time, I have compiled the following list of the very best cat dental care products for your guidance.

Please note that these products are recommended only if your cat does not have an existing dental problem. In that case, you should contact your veterinarian for further advice.

The main dental products for cats: toothbrush, toothpaste, brushing kit

Since the best home dental care technique is frequent tooth brushing, the main things your cat needs are an excellent cat toothbrush and a good quality cat toothpaste that can either be purchased separately or bought as a dental kit.

Whichever you choose, please bear in mind that you need to use products that are specifically designed for cats. Human toothbrush can irritate or even damage your cat’s delicate gums, while human toothpaste can cause upset stomach, damage organs and can even be fatal.

#1. The toothbrush

Personally, I would recommend the C.E.T toothbrush for cats which proved itself to be the best one among the various other choices. With its small head, right angle and soft bristles, you can be sure that you can clean your cat’s teeth with an ease.

Read more detailed guide about the best cat toothbrushes here.

C.E.T toothbrush for Cats

#2. The toothpaste

Made by the same company, the Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic Toothpaste may just be the best currently available on the market in five different cat-friendly flavors. While it is proved to be especially effective at removing plaque and bacteria and inhibiting further plaque formation, it also strengthens the teeth and freshens the cat’s breath.

Read more detailed guide about the best cat toothbrushes here.

Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic Toothpaste

#3. The tooth brushing kit

If you opt for a dental kit, I would suggest you get the SENTRY Petrodex Dental Kit for Cats which contains a bristle toothbrush, a finger brush and a tube of 2.5 ounces toothpaste specifically suited for cats.

The toothbrush has a long, angled handle and a small head with soft bristles which allows you to gently clean even those hard to reach areas without causing any distress even to the most sensitive cats. On the other hand, the finger toothbrush is very flexible and has small but extremely soft bristles that can be ideal even for kittens.

In addition, the set comes with a malt flavored enzymatic toothpaste which is a no-foam pet-friendly product that doesn’t need any rinsing and specially designed for felines.

All in all, the soft toothbrush with the toothpaste’s enzymatic formula significantly helps in:

  • cleaning the teeth – by removing food debris and plaque, preventing further build up, and fighting tartar accumulation,
  • keeping the gums healthy – by massaging the gums gently,
  • and eliminating mouth odor – by freshening the cat’s breath.

SENTRY Petrodex Dental Kit for Cats

While this dental kit is excellent for cats and kittens for a very affordable price, it might not suit your needs. In this case, you can try two other excellent dental care kits for cats: the Virbac C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Kit and the Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Dental Kit both of which are very similar to the SENTRY Petrodex Dental Kit in features and qualities as well.

Virbac C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Kit

Nylabone Oral Care Dental Kit

Alternatives to the tooth brushing kit: special finger toothbrush, dental wipes, and dental gel

Although regular tooth brushing is the best way to prevent dental and other problems and keep your cat healthy, sometimes, it just cannot be done.

In this case, there are other effective products on the market that are very similar to brushing and can be applied to the teeth to break down plaque and keep the teeth clean without brushing.

You may have success with special finger brush, dental wipes, or gel.

#4. Special finger brush

If your cat doesn’t tolerate the cat toothbrush well, a great alternative that can be used is a special finger brush.

For instance, the Petosan Microfiber Finger brush Oral Cleaner is an innovative product which is ideal for cats that are scared of the actual cat toothbrush. It can also be a perfect tool for introducing your cat to the idea of having her teeth cleaned as it is a gentler and more controllable item than a toothbrush.

This chemical free finger brush has been developed by a team of Scandinavian veterinarians with the goal of successfully removing plaque and bacteria from cats’ mouth. It is easy to use as it can fit securely over your finger to create more friction than gauze would, allowing you to gently clean and massage your cat’s teeth.

This product has a microfiber texture which is pretty sturdy and can be washed and reused. Just rinse it, hang it to dry and it is ready for the next use. Altogether, it is an excellent alternative that comes in packs (2, 3 or 4) for a reasonable price.

Petosan Microfiber Finger brush Oral Cleaner

#5. Dental wipes

Dental wipes can also be helpful for cats that resist tooth brushing.

Starting out with dental wipes like the Top Performance Cleansing Pads for Pets can be definitely useful for finicky cats because even though you have to wrap it around your finger and move it over your cat’s teeth, it is still easier than trying to brush them. They are softer, more pliable and disposable.

The pre-moistened pads will safely and effectively clean your cat’s teeth by removing debris from the teeth and gums and reducing plaque buildup. It also controls mouth odor and leaves a minty fresh breath.

Because of its unique formulation, it is easy to use and does not require rinsing. While these dental pads are great for cleaning your cat’s teeth for an extremely affordable price, this product is also available for cleaning ears and eyes.

Top Performance Cleansing Pads for Pets

#6. Dental gel

If brushing your cat’s teeth is a problem, dental gel for cats is an easier option but it still needs to be applied directly on the teeth on a daily basis.

One of the best cat dental gels is the Naturel Promise Fresh Dental Clean Gel for Dogs and Cats. The gel contains holistic ingredients that works fast and effectively kills the nasty germs that cause a lot of dental issues like bad breath, plaque and tartar build up, tooth decay and gingivitis.

Therefore, it promotes clean, plaque-free teeth and fresh breath as well as soothes minor gum irritation hence it helps to keep your cat’s teeth in better condition. It is fast and easy to use as no brushing necessary. This product comes in a 4-ounce bottle and is definitely worth a try.

Naturel Promise Fresh Dental Clean Gel for Dogs and Cats

Special food products: special dental diet and food supplements

Some cats will just never tolerate brushing, and will not even accept handling their mouth, no matter how much we persevere. Fortunately, there are effective products available that makes home dental care easier if brushing is not an option.

If you are absolutely unable to brush your cat’s teeth in any way, you may need to opt for a specially developed cat food or a food supplement.

#7. Special dental diets

Since cats’ teeth are healthier if they are fed with food that is formulated to promote good dental hygiene, a veterinary approved dental diet can be a good solution if brushing is not possible.

Ensure your cat has a healthy mouth and support her daily vitality with the Hill’s Science Diet Adult Oral Care dry cat food that is formulated to provide balanced nutrition not only for dental but also for overall health and designed to be fed as your cat’s main, everyday food.

This product has the Veterinary Oral Health Centre (VOHC) seal for plaque and calculus control which indicates that the product claims have been proven, and there are significant statistical differences (reduced plaque and calculus) in cats that are provided with this diet.

Each piece of kibble is created with a unique shape, texture and size that scrubs the entire exposed tooth surface – hence it has a mechanical brushing effect on the teeth – which helps to remove plaque, tartar, and stain even from the first bite. Therefore, it it is effective in cleaning your cat’s teeth as well as freshening her breath.

This cat food is made of high-quality, easy to digest, natural ingredients and vitamins – with no added artificial colors, flavors or preservatives – which helps to support a healthy immune system.

All in all, it is a very effective dental diet that can clean your cat’s teeth, freshen her breath and maintain her overall health.

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Oral Care

#8. Food supplements

Another good food trick for promoting cat dental health without brushing is the use of a dietary supplement that comes in a powder form and can be sprinkled directly onto both wet and dry food.

The ProDen Plaque Off Dental Powder for Cats is a perfect solution for owners who cannot brush their cats’ teeth regularly. While there are other ProDen plaque off products available for both dogs and cats, this one is specially formulated to appeal to cats with a more discerning palate.

This dental care powder is a natural food supplement that contains seaweed and has no additives or chemicals added. As it is ingested, it works systematically through the saliva to break down plaque and tartar that form on the teeth and gums.

The product package is approximately 6 to 12 months supply (depending on the weight of your cat) and is definitely worth the cost as it has been proven that it works efficiently in fighting plaque and tartar, preventing bad breath and promoting healthy teeth and gums when sprinkled daily (once per day) on top of the food in a long run.

ProDen Plaque Off Dental Powder for Cats

Liquid products for cat dental care: oral rinses, mouth sprays, and water additives

If the thought of cleaning your cat’s teeth makes you cringe and using special food products doesn’t seem to be ideal for you, you can take other actions to ensure that your cat has clean, healthy mouth.

Consider using liquid dental products like oral rinses, mouth sprays or water additives that are easy to use and can help you avoid the onset of dental disease.

#9. Oral rinses

In addition to brushing your cat’s teeth, you can improve oral hygiene by applying a cat-friendly oral rinse into your cat’s mouth.

The Dentahex Oral Rinse by Vet Solutions is one of the best among various other products that combines 0.12% Chlorhexidine and Zinc which aids in killing harmful bacteria, disinfecting the mouth, and freshening cat breath. The unique formulation also provides antibacterial benefits thus helping in the prevention of tooth and gum disease.

This product is available in an 8-ounce bottle that is made in the USA. While it has a minty flavor, it is palatable and pretty much appealing to cats.

Recommended by veterinarians, this oral rinse is highly effective (if used once a day), and altogether is a reasonably cheap way to keep a cat’s mouth clean and healthy.

Dentahex Oral Rinse by Vet Solutions

#10. Mouth spray

When it comes to keeping a cat’s dental hygiene in good condition, a natural mouth spray made for cats can also be an effective alternative.

For instance, the Mad About Organics All Natural Dog & Cat Oral Care Herbal Spray Dental Plaque Remover is an excellent product that is made with human grade certified organic ingredients with no harsh chemical detergents, synthetic fragrances, added colors, or animal by-products.

Therefore, it is extremely mild, hypoallergenic and completely safe even for pregnant cats or kittens (as young as 4 weeks old).

With regular application, the product is proven to efficient in controlling bacteria, decreasing existing plaque and tartar accumulation, reducing gum inflammation and eliminating bad breath.

While it is gentle and effective, it is definitely easy to use: just simply spray it directly in your cat’s mouth and as she licks it, the product will be spread around her teeth and gums which will work wonders on her entire mouth.

Altogether, it is a remarkable cat dental product for a very affordable price that promotes your cat’s oral health and addresses her bad breath while making your job easy.

Mad About Organics All Natural Dog & Cat Oral Care Herbal Spray Dental Plaque Remover

#11. Water additives

If you are looking for a simpler liquid product than an oral rinse or a mouth spray, water additive can do the trick for you.

A dental-care additive for your cat’s drinking water is an easy but effective way to get rid of bad breath, clean teeth and fight tooth decay without having to go near your cat’s mouth.

One of the top-selling oral healthcare solution is the SynergyLabs Dental Fresh water additive that can be mixed with regular water or even food.

Since it has no odor or taste and no pungent mint flavors, it will not disrupt your cat’s drinking habits. So, you can just add 1 teaspoon to 8 ounces of your cat’s drinking water daily without having to worry about scaring away your cat. It is safe for every-day use even in long term as it contains no alcohol, no sugar, and no artificial flavorings.

In addition, this product is clinically proven to be effective in providing multiple benefits: eliminates dental plaque and bacteria, cleans, strengthens and whitens teeth, instantly freshens breath, protects gums while treating gingivitis, prevents periodontal disease, and improves overall dental health when used as part of a daily oral health care regimen.

Apart from being currently one of the best leading products for maintaining a cat’s dental care, this water additive is a low cost, high return investment in your cat’s dental health (and low maintenance for the owner as an added plus).

SynergyLabs Dental Fresh

Dental products for fun: dental treats, chews, and toys

Have you ever thought of making your cat happy while promoting her dental health? If your cat likes to chew and be rewarded, you can treat her to dental treats, chews, and toys that will actually help to get rid of plaque, prevent dental disease and improve oral health.

#12. Dental treats

You may already be brushing your cat’s teeth or providing her with additional dental products as an insurance against dental disease. But! Did you know that there are treats that can benefit oral hygiene?

These treats are usually dry foods that contain special ingredients and are designed with a more porous texture in order to achieve better dental health.

While the market is saturated with all kinds of brands claiming to be the best in reducing plaque and tartar or improving breath, the Feline Greenies Dental Cat Treats offer the most benefits.

It is recommended by veterinarians and accepted by the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC), therefore, it proved itself to clean cats’ teeth, scrub away plaque, reduce tartar buildup, get rid of bad breath and protect the teeth and gums.

This product comes in a great variety of flavors and filled with vitamins, and other natural, essential ingredients for optimum cat health. Altogether, it is a healthy cat treat with a great taste.

Feline Greenies Dental Cat Treats

#13. Dental chews

Similarly, dental chews can also be useful and effective in promoting healthy teeth and gums.

The Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews for Cats is a highly rated, very popular cat dental food that provides a dual enzyme benefit. The digestible coating helps to scrape off plaque while the dental enzymes in the center of the chew aim to eliminate bacteria.

The product comes in cat-friendly poultry and fish flavors to guarantee to be appealing even to the most finicky felines while keeping the teeth and gums healthy and providing overall good dental care.

Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews for Cats

#14. Dental toys

If your cat is resistant to tooth brushing, does not like the taste of a dental diet or food supplement, cannot tolerate liquid products or is not allowed to have extra cat treats, there is yet another option available.

Cats have a natural instinct to chew so you might as well provide your cat with something to chew on that also enhances teeth strength and dental health at the same time.

While many toys provide dental benefits and fun, the Petstages Dental Health Cat Chew Toys are the very best among others.

With its unique netted shell, this product is a high quality dental toy that can clean your cat’s teeth, remove dental plaque and massage the gums. It is not only suitable for adult cats but can also be a perfect useful tool for teething kittens as it can help the painful teething process along by soothing the sore gums.

This toy is lightweight and durable that will stand up to constant play no matter how hard your cat chews. As a bonus, it is also filled with catnip which will make this item a real, perfect fun for your cat while improving her dental health.

Petstages Dental Health Cat Chew Toys

Some cautions about these products

The products mentioned above are chosen carefully based on the fact that they are proven to be completely safe and effective in removing plaque, keeping the gums healthy, and eliminating bad breath.

However, there are a number of dental products on the market that falsely claim to reduce tartar and work preventatively but do not actually deliver any benefits.

Be very careful when going through the dental products. While some may help, others – at best – do nothing and worst case they can even harm your cat. Be exceptionally cautious and invest in good quality products (preferably with the VOHC approval) that have been specifically designed for helping in cat dental care.

Note: The Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) is an organization – created in 1999 – that serves to evaluate and certify the efficiency of dental care products to make sure they can control plaque and tartar.

Also, please be aware that these products should not be substitutes to tooth brushing. While they can definitely help you in keeping your cat’s dental hygiene in good condition and can also reduce the frequency of vet visits, they are not as effective as tooth brushing.

For best results, combine these methods, brush your cat’s teeth every day, examine her mouth regularly, feed her a well-balanced diet and do not forget to take your cat for annual dental checkup. And, if you have any doubt, do not hesitate to consult your veterinarian for further advice.

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Benefits of using cat dental care products

If you still wonder whether to use these dental care products or not, you can be assured that they do not only help in maintaining good dental hygiene, but they also offer some benefits.

Cat dental care products can:

  • keep your cat’s teeth and gums healthy while eliminating mouth odor and freshening her breath
  • remove plaque and prevent future plaque and tartar buildup
  • lower the risk of dental and periodontal disease
  • eliminate potential sources of infection and protect your cat from organ failures
  • maintain good overall health by reducing bacteria growth in your cat’s mouth that could spread to vital organs
  • contribute to overall well-being by protecting your cat from pain
  • increase lifespan by ensuring the ability to continue good nutrition throughout life

As you see, using dental products will benefit your cat’s life altogether, added to which you can also benefit from it. If you maintain your cat’s good oral hygiene you can actually save yourself some time and money spent at your veterinarian’s office as it can significantly reduce the frequency of professional dental cleanings and vet visits.


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Final thoughts on cat dental products

Since cats can suffer from painful dental disease and health problems associated with oral issues, we should never neglect our cats’ dental health needs. However, it can be challenging to pick the right method as cats are very individualistic in their acceptance of home dental care. Some will tolerate tooth brushing, while others won’t even bare getting anything near their mouth.

The best approach is to try several options and stick to those techniques that your cat can best tolerate. However, keep in mind that no single product or method is 100% effective by itself. You need to combine the options for the best results.

Use the best cat dental care products, brush your cat’s teeth, examine her mouth and get her teeth checked by a veterinarian annually and you will surely end up with a healthy, happy little cat.