Author: Amira

When can kittens leave their mother?

Even though separating a kitten from her trusted mother can be one of the most heart-wrenching experiences ever, sometimes it is necessary, as you may be giving the kitten for adoption. But do you know at what age should this happen? Find out the answer and the reasons when can kittens leave their mother.

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Why does my cat sleep on me?

You’ve just brushed your teeth and got into your PJ’s, and you are ready to sleep. Just as you close your eyes, your cat sneaks into bed and even though she has so much room, she decides that the perfect place to sleep is on top of your chest or head. Here are some of the reasons why your lovely kitty loves to do this.

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What to feed kittens? (Everything you need to know)

Considering the kittens’ sensitive digestive system and urinary tract, it is very important to have information on what type of food we give to our kittens. Many people are not aware that the food they offer to their pets may be harmful. Feeding them with proper food is a must. But what exactly shall we put in that cat bowl?

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