Author: Amira

Best cat bowls

When you decide to get a lovely cat, usually the first thing to purchase is the feeding bowl. At first, you may not think about it seriously, but selecting the right cat bowl is very important if you want to make your cat feel comfortable and healthy. This post is here to help you to find the right bowls for your cat.

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Can cats eat Yogurt? (best type and Health BENEFITS)

Like many cat owners, including me, I am quite sure you also often wondered and thought about the following: Can cats eat yogurt? If yes, what is the safe amount? Do cats even like it? These are the main things that many owners asks about yogurt, and these are the questions that are discussed in this article.

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Can cats eat Olive Oil?

Since cats’ digestive system is quite sensitive, as responsible cat owners, we have to know what goes inside their stomach. Before you give any new type of food to your kitty – be it olive oil – make sure you will not harm her with it. Do know if it is good or bad, and make sure not to give more than the recommended amount.

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5 Things You probably didn’t know about Cats

Cute, soft, furry and one of the most popular pets in the world. Cats. Whether you are a cat person or not, you can admit that cats are interesting, sometimes even funny creatures. Expand your cat knowledge with this article where you can find fun and interesting facts about cats you probably didn’t know about.

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How to clean a kitten’s eyes?

One of the most prominent and appealing parts of a cat is her eyes. Just like for humans, it is a very important organ for felines as well. Therefore, keeping their eyes clean and healthy is a basic task for each cat owner. Since unattended dirt can turn into a serious eye problem, learn how to clean a kitten’s eyes properly.

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