5 Things You probably didn’t know about Cats

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5 Things you probably didnt know

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5 Things You probably didn’t know about Cats

Fact 1: Space Cat

In 1963, Felicette was the first cat to be sent into outer space with electrodes in her brain which was used to record her neural impulses. She returned back safely after a 15-minute flight. Later that month another cat was sent to space, but unfortunately, she died after landing on Earth due to delay in recovering her capsule. Probably Felicette was strong enough to survive because she was more well-fed than her successor.

Fact 2: SupurrMau

Apart from communication cats purr to express various emotions. While many theories exist about why cats purr, scientists found that the low frequencies at which cats purr can stimulate their bones to regenerate, even the bones in their extra toes.


Fact 3: AI loves Cats

Scientists at Google’s X lab built an artificial brain and when it was allowed to browse Youtube it learned how to look for cat videos without any human intervention. It was also able to identify cat pictures with a 70% accuracy.

Fact 4: Glowing Pussycat

In an attempt to cure feline AIDS viruses cats were injected with a gene which caused them to…GLOW green in the Dark. While there was talk about selling them commercially as pets, it never happened.

Fact 5: Undercover Agent

During the 1960’s a cat was fitted with radio transmitter and microphone in an attempt to listen in on conversations between foreign officials. Rather than acting as a cool agent chilling and chewing grass in the park, on its first mission it walked onto the street and was hit by a taxi.

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